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Παρασκευή, 18 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Mainalo Ski Resort

Freeskier.gr | Mainalo Ski Resort Chalet view

Mainalo Ski Resort is located in the area of Ostrakina on Ostrakina Mountain in Arkadia county, and more specifically 30klm from Tripoli. It started operating back in 1965 with only 1 lift which was made by locals. Since 2005 the resort changed his name to OSTRAKINA AETE which is a private company. The 4 lifts that now has, give the opportunity to visitors to ski more places of the mountain having a vertical drop of 200m starting from 1850 going down to 1650 meters. A plus for the resort is the Snow park and the Tubes park. The price for an adult day pass costs 10 euro and for the baby lift 5 euro. 

Useful telephone numbers:  +30 6980484084 , +30 6936 900242  +30 6987 048155
Resort Website: Mainalo Ski Resort
Freeskier.gr | Mainalo Ski Resort Slope view
Freeskier.gr | Mainalo Ski Resort Slope view 2
Freeskier.gr | Mainalo Ski Resort by night

Situated at an elevation ranging from 1,550 to 1,770 m, the ski centre is equipped with eight ski runs of 5.5 km in length (for beginners, advanced skiers and experts) , four lifts, offering an easy, quick and safe access, a snowboard and a snowmobile park where you can enjoy a ride on ATVs and Snow-hawks.
Don’t miss on the opportunity to hike along scenic trails and enjoy the enchanting natural setting. The beauty of the landscape is complemented by traditional stone-built villages such as Vytina, Dimitsana, Levidi, Kapsia and Stemnitsa. Savour the scent trailing in the frosty winter air off fireplaces and wood-burning stoves and enjoy the flavours of traditional local dishes.

5 Blue Pistes (3km)
4 Ski Lifts
100m Max Vertical
1600m Highest Lift
1500m Lowest Piste
1500m Resort Altitude

distance from 

Tripoli, Greece 19 km
Megalopolis, Greece 30 km
Andhritsaina, Greece 36 km
Nemea, Greece 40 km
Argos, Greece 41 km

Also you can visit and stay near ski resot 

Levidi http://e-levidi.gr/

Levidi beautiful townhouse village in North Arcadia, appears suddenly after a bend in the road Tripoli - Olympia, lazily stretched out on a slope of the magic forest MENALO and three on two neighboring hills, the plains of ancient Orchomenus. From the entrance of yet, Levidi, with that beautiful manicured woods with stone arches at the edge, the traveler shows his true identity and nature: lush, picturesque, beautiful, stone, really mansion, with respect to the long tradition and history. His heart is naturally square, always lively and full of images, smells and sounds of Greece that is lost, the church dominates and fills the atmosphere during holidays with sounds solemn and fragrance incense, with its shops, restaurants and taverns around to attract locals and travelers with good local products and the odors of well cooked food and freshly baked bread. Villas, beautiful rooms and fabulous mansions await visitors to accommodate them. Here in Levidi and Mainalo, visitors will be happy that other Greece will walk in ancient and holy places will experience the magic of Arcadia, will feel at every step here what beauty and nature, history and culture, hospitality and happy life. All seasons are beautiful here, but the snowy winter landscape stays in memory as an image of absolute beauty.

Vitina http://www.e-vitina.gr/index.html

Vitina, notorious mountain holiday destination for many years holds the primacy of the tourists in Arcadia and is always the jewel of Mainalo know as lovers but also those who have not visited yet. Beautiful, cool, calm and green scenic, civilized and hospitable, Vytina remains the grand dame of tourism development of Arcadia. stretches lazily in Mainalo, firs bounding and flavor it with that particular scent and freshness that is difficult to forget, and to endow rare climate which for years was considered therapeutic body and soul.Noble and beautiful Vitina, with old petrospita, picturesque narrow, the lively square with the old church,dentroskepasta streets for walking, the woods and the countryside, rewards the visitor with an unforgettable vacation.around in small distances, there arevillages of extraordinary beauty, rivers, springs, historical monuments, monasteries, places of magic worthy to explore. The most important thing advantage of holidays in Vitina is here thatthe visitor honored particularly high level of tourist accommodation.

The beauty of the protoantikriseis Stemnitsa just cuts your breath, as it seems to hover over these steep hills beside the gorge. Preached as ahistorian preserved settlement in 1985, is an attraction for all its natural beauty and position but mainly for its traditional architecture, stone mansions, the view of the canyon, quaint cobbled streets, its old churches, of traditional shops and all smothered in the sun, green and quiet.
Place with great history, was declared the first capital of Greece revolted, while in May 26, 1821, here established the First Peloponnesian Senate. The long-standing tradition in the art of metal, gave birth to greatPublic School metalsmithing and showed rare trades and crafts such as coppersmiths, blacksmiths and goldsmiths. There is no doubt that rare combination of great natural beauty, stunning views, rich tourist infrastructure, local history and tradition make Stemnitsa awonderful destination for a short or regular holidays in this charming part of Arcadia.

Lagadia, the "hanging village in the Peloponnese," as called by old, is a natural and architectural masterpiece. Built on a steep slope-shoulder Mainalon amidst lush green vegetation, seems to hang over one thinks of rugged gorge formed by the river Toycoa. The winding road follows the impressive formations of the landscape and leads to the heart of stone village, decorated with works by famous Lagadinou builders, architects and builders of the stone. One sees that, those who made throughout Greece wonderful architectural, have created a village - Jewelry. Stunning stone houses and cobbled streets, shaded courtyards and carved doors, carved arches and old churches, winding stone paths and stairs, bridges, watermills and windmills in the area, leaving the visitors enchanted. Lagadia But beyond the beauty of art and history, is a modern holiday destination with very tasteful tourist infrastructure, great food and plenty of entertainment options, activities and nearby getaways.

The southwestern end of Arcadia, where the river meets Lucius mythical waters of the Alpheus, is situated the historic Karytaina. Perched on the slopes of a majestic rock adorns the top of the imposing stone castle dominates in the peaceful Arcadian landscape bears witness and implicitly its great historical tradition, the uniqueness of Byzantine art that adorns many parts of the settlement and the simple architecture of the line maintained unchanged through the years. 
In perfect harmony with the natural beauty and tranquility of the region, its inhabitants Arcadians always friendly and polite respected the long history of their country and protected its unique heritage highlighting Karytaina as a great travel destination that combines, historic sites, alternative activities, and travel services with enviable hospitality in beautiful traditional hotels and hostels, many delicious dining options and fun moments in the small cafe and cafes of the village.

The Valtessiniko, perched on a hillside in Mainalo amphitheater built at an altitude of 1,180 feet, dominates over the mountains of Arcadia and is one of the fastest growing travel destinations in mountainous Arcadia.Located 216 km from Athens, 60 km from Tripoli and just 20 kilometers from Vitina Valtesiniko located in the center of the travel attractions Arcadia.
Extending over an area of ​​40 square kilometers, firs in bulk and ideal for winter and summer tourism high standards.
The settlement with many stone houses, churches and impressive square with tavernas and cafes, full of life all year round and has many traditional houses and apartments. The traditional tavernas and cafes promising young big tasty treats and unique traditional sweets combined with excellent views they offer.
Around the village, within walking distance and there are many interesting sights that reward visitors.

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