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Τετάρτη, 30 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Skopelos Beautiful Beaches

On Skopelos you will find some of the most beautiful beaches and coves in the Greek Aegean Sea. If you arrive in the island with your own boat or rent one you have the good fortune to swim on gorgeous solitary beaches. By car, motorbikeor bus with its frequent trips between Skopelos and Glossa you will discover the endless Milia, the tiny Andrines, the unique Kastani, or Hovolo, Limnonari, Staphylos and Velanio, one of the island's loveliest beaches, a favorite with nudists and those who enjoy walking. On incomparable Panormos an evening swim is an unforgettable experience, as you seem to swim in a river of golden water, while the sun is sinking beneath the horizon.
Velanio beach is a beautiful beach of Skopelos... you will get here by walking the beach of stafilos and follow the short path to Velanio. Half of the beach is known as nudist beach one of the most beautiful nudist beaches. 4.5 kilometers, from Hora (Skopelos town) next to Stafylos beach. The famous nudist beach, sandy and elegant!

Stafilos and velanio are just 4km away from skopelos main village. Stafilos beach has a beach bar, lifeguard and crystal waters. there is a parking that you might need to pay 2-4 euros all day otherwise just leave your car few meters higher. The bus stop is 300m higher and you have to walk down to the beach

In the picturesque small port of Agnontas (8 km far away from Skopelos) it would more preferable to make a a dip and then enjoy your selves in the restaurants with the fresh fish that you can find in the area. It is one of the points that you will be able to leave with safety your boats. 8 kilometers from Hora (Skopelos town) with a small port and on the beach taverns with fresh fish!

900 meters after Agnontas beach you will turn to the road that will lead you to Limnonati beach. Limnonari means the waters of a lake, and the name is because the beach has always calm waters. As about the color of the sea, we will not make more comments. In the first meters of the beach there are some rocks that becoming less as you move to the middle of the beach.. but is a wonderful beach. 9.5 kilometers from Hora (Skopelos town). A hidden bay with sandy beach and excellent taverns.

Panormos beach/bay 18 km from Skopelos. Don't be afraid of the distance, in Skopelos the drive routes are pleasurably and short while you will see beautiful places with pine forests and also words like bottleneck and traffic lights are not known in Skopelos. We will not make a comment for the beauty of the beach. We will reffer only three points: 1st) You will be suprised how fast the waters are deepen, 2nd) the natural port of Mplo that you see up-right in the photograph is considered one of the most beautiful natural ports in the world and 3rd) From Panormos the sunset is amazing. Remember that we have to protect the pine forests of the island. Panormos is one of the areas that has many times face problems with fires but the nature is always repairing the disasters. Rembember that we are all responsible for the protection of the island so: WE DON'T THROW BURNING CIGARETTES, WE DON'T THROW RUBBISHES both in the forest and in the beach. If we see somewhere fire we call the fire station on Skopelos island, phone number 199 or 22 768.
Linarakia after Panormos beach, between Antrines and Panormos beach. There is a small path leading to the beach a few meters after panormos beach (you will see some cars next to the road). Also you can reach the small beaches of Linarakia from Panormos beach (where also you will find a small path)..

Andrines are two small beaches. In Skopelos there are plenty of small beaches that some times ae aproached only with a boat. In Adrines you will follow the path that you will find.

Milia beach is considered the most beautiful beach of skopelos island (21 km from Skopelos). Long with amazing waters, surrounded with pine forest will make you a big fun of the beach . at the middle of the page has a few rocks so is better to move after the lifeguard point where the beach is great. 

Kastani beach ... who could imagine that that beautiful beach of Skopelos will be known worlwide as is the beach that MAMMA MIA MOVIE was shoot august & september of 2007. Is a wonderful beach .. a paradise

Hovolo and Neo Klima 
Παραλία Χόβολο - Σκόπελος (Chovolo beach - Skopelos)
Hovolo an amazing beach... leave your car at Neo Klima village next to sea and walk left till you end to the white rock of hovolo.19 kilometers from Hora (Skopelos town). A beautiful and quiet beach with its sandy part (Hovolo). You will enjoy excellent food at the nearby taverns & restaurants.

19.5 kilometers from Hora (Skopelos town). Another hidden beach with its famous ‘sailing rock’ on the left corner. Quiet and relaxing with a view to Skiathos island and Loutraki port.


Perivoliou is an isolated beach with grey sand and huge rocks, which divide it in two similar parts. It is never crowded since it is only accessible by boat or by foot/motorcycle for the path that leads to Perivoliou is too narrow. This beach offers natural shade thanks to its huge rocks and its waters are crystal clear. The picturesque lighthouse at Cape Gourouni is only a few minutes away and is definitely worth a visit.

Pethamenis beach


is near the area NISI where is the exterior film shoots of VILLA DONNA MAMMA

Agios Ioannis 
are the beaches next to Agios Ioannis chapel .. the rock in the sea the wedding location of Mamma Mia movie.. great small beaches ...



Agios Konstantinos and Glifoneri 

Ftelia beach

Amarantos beach
The waters around these small and smallest inlets sparkle in incredible blue and green shades. Quite some stumbling and a bit of climbing is involved to find your right spot, everything is left in its natural condition.
Get comfortable on one of the bleached out cliffs just in front of the pine trees about to grow into the sea. Here we come many times for a quick swim in our midday break. Amarantos is one of the locations chosen for some scenes in the Mamma Mia movie, that has been filmed here. In the musical, they called Skopelos the island of "Kalokairi".

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