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Παρασκευή, 18 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Lailias Serres Ski Resort

Freeskier.gr | Lailias Ski Resort slope view

Lailias ski resort is located on the north side of Ali Baba surrounded by a forest of pines and beeches on altitude 1600 meters. It was created by the Climbing Club Of Serres and consists of a basic lift of 850m distance with a slope of 1200m. The lift can operate easily 700 people per hour. There is also a baby lift and a small chalet that can host 80 people per night. The price for an adult ticket costs 10 euro during holidays and weekends. On Fridays when the resort is open the cost for the ski pass goes to 5 euro. The price for an adult season pass costs 80 euro. For more information about ski pass prices check HERE .

Resort Email: info@lailias.com
Resort Website: Lailias Ski Resort

Freeskier.gr | Lailias Ski Resort
Freeskier.gr | Lailias Ski Resort Map
Freeskier.gr | Lailias Ski Resort view

Ski Center
Tel.: +30 23210 62400
Mountain: Vrontous Mountains Altitude: 1600 m - 1847 m

4 slopes of 1.5 km total length, which of:

Emmanuel Pappas: 1 descending slope of 1250 m. The first half part is red, while the other half blue.
Beginners: Green slope, 250 m in length. It’s the last part of E. Pappas slope. However, it has its sliding lift & services mostly beginners & ski school trainees.
2 Lang-Lauf slopes authorised of International Ski Federation (FIS).

2 sliding, continuous lifts, which service the E. Pappas slope, 850 m & 230 m each.
1 baby-lift, 250 m in length, which services beginners slope.

Other facilities/ services
Shelter of Hellenic Alpine Club of Serres, with an altitude of 1500 m. It operates throughout the year & can accommodate 85 persons, in coordination with Hellenic Alpine Club of Serres. It’s 3 km away from E. Pappas slope.
Chalet at 1600 m. It’s a ski booth built by wood and stone, with central heating, cafeteria, restaurant with traditional local dishes and dorms athletes. Operates from Thursday to Sunday and holidays throughout the year, but also on weekdays by prior arrangement.

Ski and snowboard school.
Ski and snowboard equipment rental shops, sleighs, and snowmobiles.
Beginners learning domain (green-blue)
Card phone.
First aid station.
Parking lot.
Trailers stay lot.

Operation period
Lailias Ski Center operates from December to March. The ski and snowboard school is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The rest of the services are available from Thursday to Sunday and holidays (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.).

Useful notes
Lailias Ski Center created and operated, continuously since 1978, from Hellenic Alpine Club of Serres and remains under its management. Has a lot of good snowing, lasting 3-4 months (late November to mid March) despite the mountain’s medium altitude. Its north orientation helps snow to be preserved for many months, so the season is long.

It is famous for its Lang-Lauf slopes. Indeed, it is considered to be, together with the 3-5 Pigadia Ski Center, the best ski resorts in Greece, for that sport.

Ski Center’s highlight is night skiing, every Saturday night, as the slope is equipped with the necessary lighting.

Due to exceptional weather conditions, you could visit the region all the year around, for walking, sports, hiking, and of course in winter for skiing. International hiking runs E4 & E6 passing through Lailias, also.

For children from 8 to 15 years old, operates on the summer the "mountain summer camp". Shelter of Hellenic Alpine Club of Serres accommodate the children, where there is a restaurant too for theirs feeding. Outdoor activities take place in Lailias forest. 

In the nearby forest, which is of high scientific and educational value, there are some of the rarest species of Greek flora & fauna. The forest is located in the heart of Serres controlled hunting area and considered as a core saving, by constant prohibition of hunting. EOK directive 79/409 "on the conservation of wild birds", protects ten birds’ species, of total recorded in the forest. Equally important is the flora of the region. The part of the forest called "sfagnonas" is protected by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and was declared a natural monument restored. Finally, researches about forest’s situation and growth, on the after-ice age period, are taking place too.

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