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Κυριακή, 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Chalkidiki Travel Guide

Chalkidiki (Greek: Χαλκιδική), also Halkidiki or Chalcidice, forms a trident-like peninsula. The coast hosts numerous excellent beaches. Located near the city of Thessaloniki. The capital of Chalkidiki prefecture is the town of Polygyros, located in Northern Chalkidiki.

How to get there

By Airplane: Chalkidiki is served by the National Airport "MACEDONIA" of Thessaloniki that is connected on a daily basis with several flights with the biggest towns in Greece and Europe.

From the airport, it is easy by taxi (the distance to the centre of Thessaloniki is approximately 15km) or by bus to go to the Coach Station of Chalkidiki (KTEL) in Thessaloniki and take the bus to any destination in Chalkidiki.

By Bus: All the villages and the beaches of Chalkidiki are connected with busses with Thessaloniki . There are busses that run daily and several times throughout the year.

By Train: In Chalkidiki, there is no train network. Travellers coming by train either from other parts of Greece or from abroad arrive at the Train Station of Thessaloniki. From the Train Station, either by taxi or by bus, they can go to the Coach Station of Chalkidiki ( KTEL ) in Thessaloniki and take the bus to any destination in Chalkidiki.

By Car: The fastest and safest way to come by car from Europe is through Italy.

Macedonia Airport Thessaloniki (SKG Airport)

The Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki is the second largest airport unit in Greece, connecting the city to many European capitals and several other European cities by direct flights (London, Milan, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart). 

Via Athens (35 minutes flight time, 10-16 flights daily), Thessaloniki can be easily reached from anywhere in the world. Thessaloniki's Macedonia airport also offers direct flights to other major cities of Greece and to many Greek islands.

Transportation to/from SKG airport: 
A Public Bus service (no. 78) connects the Macedonia airport with the center of Thessaloniki at 20-minute intervals throughout the day and takes you in less than 40 minutes to the center (ticket costs 0,50€).

A taxi service is also available at the airport on a 24-hour basis (a 20-minute drive costing approximately around 15,00€)

To get to Halkidiki there are buses that leave from the Chalkidiki Bus Station located south of Thessalonki. To get to this bus station you can take a 45A from the commuter bus station adjacent to Thessalonki Train Station, Chalkidiki Bus Station is the final stop.

From Chalkidiki Bus Station there are frequent services to numerous destinations. Schedule information can be found at www.ktel-chalkidikis.gr.

Get around

Kassandra peninsula

The canal of Potidea, separating the Kassandra peninsula from the mainland. The byzantine watch tower of the Agios Pavlos, Mt. Athos monastery in Nea Phokea. The old traditional village of Athytos. The spa thermal baths of Agia Paraskevi. The summer concerts and theater festival in the amphitheaters of Nea Moudania and Siviri and the jazz festival of Sani. The chapel of the Virgin Mary on the seaside of Skioni. The ancient ruins of Zeus temple in Kallithea and of Poseidon temple in Posidi.

Sithonia peninsula

The excavations of ancient Olynthos, with the oldest mosaics (5th c. BC) ever found in Greece. The old traditional villages of Parthenon, Sykia and Nikiti. The Porto Carras vineyard and wine cellar. The Toroneos cross swimming race in July from Nikiti to Kallithea. The ancient ruins of Toroni and its ancient harbour Porto Koufo. The spectacular view of Mt. Athos from Kartalia cliff cape. The thousands of goats grazing free on the mountains.

Mount Athos peninsula

Its 20 Byzantine christian orthodox Monasteries and numerous Sketes, allowed only to men visitors, who need a permission to land, by boat only. It's the biggest and most important monastic community of Greece, with 1.800 monks living there today.

Northern Chalkidiki

The traditional mountain villages Arnea, Taxiarhis, Agios Prodromos. The Cave of Petralona, with the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites and the oldest human finds of Greece. The Arcaeological Museum of Polygyros, with finds from the whole area of Halkidiki. The excavations of ancient Stageira, birthplace of the philosopher Aristotelis. The statue of the philosopher Aristotelis by the modern village Stageira. The forest of Mt. Holomontas.

Local flower and pine honey from Nikiti and Arnea, the two biggest centres of greek honey.
Wooven woolen articles from Arnea.
Tsipouro, the strong-kind-of-ouzo schnapps from the local villagers.
Wine. The winters here are mild and the summers are long and dry. The good climate, among with the mineral-rich soil, are crucial factors for the famous wine-making of the area. The most famous wine is that produced in Sithonia, in the Neos Marmaras area, the Porto Carras
Olives and olive oil. Production areas: Mount Meliton, Pallini Peninsula, Holomon foothills, Polygyros, Ormylia, Olynhtos and Nea Moudania
Cheese products


Aigeas, Nea Kallikratia, Tel: +302399023871
Ouzouni Beach, Nea Moudania, Tel: +302373042100
Blue Dream, Nea Fokea, Tel: +302374031249
Kouyoni, Gerakini, Tel: +302371052226
Sithon, Metamorfosi, Tel: +302375022414
Sunny Bay, Metamorfosi, Tel: +302375061350
Agios Georgios, Nikiti, Tel: +302375022383
Mitari, Nikiti, Tel: +302375071775
Kastello, Neos Marmaras, Tel: +302375071095
Marmaras, Neos Marmaras, Tel: +302375071901
Stavros, Neos Marmaras, Tel: +302375071975
Areti, Neos Marmaras, Tel: +302375071430
Isa, Tristinika, Tel: +302375051235

Nea Kallikratia 

For anyone that plans to spend some days of rest in beautiful Halkidiki there is a tempting suggestion, only 40km. northeast of Thessaloniki and 30km. from Macedonia airport. The Municipality of Kallikratia is a tourist resort today and it includes the Municipal Depts of Nea Kallikratia, Agios Pavlos (Nea Iraklia settlement), Lakkoma, Nea Gonia, (Neohoraki settlement) and Syllata (Rodokipos, Sozopoli and Veria settlements).

On a coastline of 17km. one can enjoy the deep blue sea on clean, sandy beaches.  A well organized net of hotel units, rooms to let and camping sites offer a pleasant stay.  Fresh sea food, local wine and tsipouro are offered at fishtaverns, restaurants and ouzo snack places in the area.  Many visitors can practice fishing or can enjoy afternoon walks in the Municipality area.  Beach bars and clubs promise wild rhythm entertainment.

Burghers and visitors can be served through a developing Commercial Center and a service network, for Health Center, Police Dept., Banks, Post Offices, Citizen Service Center, Bus Service and Taxi. Because of its location, excursions are organized to Halkidiki sights, such as the Petralona cave, Mount Athos (the Holy Mountain) and to the city of Thessaloniki.  The Municipality of Kallikratia is suggested today as a permanent residence and as a resort.

Many cultural events take place all year along organized by various Associations.  Some of them are the “Syllatiana” on 6/30 in Syllata, the “Lakkomatiotika” on 8/15 in Lakkoma, the St. George fair on 4/23 in Nea Iraklia, as well as the St. Gregory’s fair on 1/25 and the Transfiguration of Christ one on 8/6 in Agios Pavlos and, finally, the popular evening of August in Nea Gonia.  Besides, during the first days of July, the 1st Swimming Marathon “Kallikratia’s Daughter” was a great success and had a high participation.

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