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Κυριακή, 20 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Rhodes Famous Beaches 1

Kallithea beach
Location: 8 km south of Rhodes Town
Description: The beach of Kallithea is famous for its hot medicinal springs. This is a wonderful place with wild, rocky spots.Kalithea (Kallithea) Beach Rhodes is where many locals like to gather every day. The attraction is partly the sort distance from Rhodes town, partly the glamour of the magnificent Baths built here by the Italians (no longer in operation), as well as the obvious delights of mezedes and the tiny inlets and coves with their sculptured rocks and clear green water. Especially outside the high season, this is the favourite spot for local people looking for a quick swim.

Location: 25 km south of Rhodes Town
Description: Turquoise water and golden sand create a beautiful scenery in Tsambika, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Rhodes Afandou Beach
Location: 19 km south of Rhodes Town
Description: The beach of Afandou is long and sandy. This is one of the most popular beach resorts of Rhodes duw to its beautiful setting and the organized tourist facilities.

Faliraki Beach
Faleraki beach, Rhodes
Location: 16 km south of Rhodes Town 
Description: Faliraki is a long, sandy beach hat gets very popular in summer. This is the most crowded beach resort of the island.

Faliraki Nudist
Location: 16 km south of Rhodes Town
Description: The crowded beach resort of Faliraki has a small, organized part for nudists.

Location: 5 km south west of Rhodes Town
Description: One of the closest beaches to Rhodes Town, Ixia has crystal water and many watersports centres. The pebbles on the coast are small.Located on the northwest tip of the island, Ixia is just 3 miles from Rhodes Town and can boast a beach that is 2km in length, where you can try your hand at a number of water sports, the most popular being windsurfing. The weather in Ixia can vary from 15-21° in the winter and 25-31° during the summer. Ixia has a good number of restaurants to choose from where you can find international cuisine, such as British, Chinese and Italian and if you wish to sample the local Greek dishes then just head to one of the tavernas. There are several bars and a couple of discos to choose from in Ixia, though if you are looking for a wider choice to dance the night away, then just take a short taxi ride to Rhodes Town.
Souvenir shops are dotted around Ixia for those holiday bargains, but if you are looking for a more extensive range of shops then head into Rhodes Town, where you can explore this historical town at the same time

Prasonissi Beach Rhodes
Location: 85 km south of Rhodes Town
Description: Prassonissi is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches on Rhodes. It is located on the southernmost spot of the island. A small peninsula in the sea creates two sandy beaches. A huge expanse of golden sand, stretches for about half a mile before it narrows into a spit that links the mainland with Prasonissi island. Incredibly, to the left is the Mediterranean, gently washing up onto the sandy spit and 10 meters away, opposite the Med, to the right, is the Aegean, thundering ashore courtesy of the Meltemi that has been gathering strength for several hundred miles.

Agathi Beach Rhodes
Rhodes Agathi Beach
Location: 38 km south east of Rhodes Town
Description: The golden sand and the emerald water of Agathi create a charming, relaxing environment for visitors.Camping is possible in Rhodes Agathi Beach, so take your sleeping bag and camp at the cave which is at the end of the beach. An ideal spot to spend the night. 
To get to the beach, follow the signs from Haraki (10 minutes along a passable dirt road). Half way along the road you come upon the medieval castle of Feraklos. All canteens at the beach rent out sun beds umbrellas and have toilets and showers. There is also a card-operated telephone on the beach.

Akti Miaouli
Location: In Rhodes Town
Description: This organized beach is located in the limits of Rhodes Town, in a walking distance from the most important sights of the capital. The beach is surrounded by many luxury hotels.

Casino and Elli beach 
Location: In a walking distance from Rhodes Town
Description: This is a large beach just in front of the Casino, in a walking distance from every spot of Rhodes Town.

Rhodes Elli Beach
Location: In Rhodes Town
Description: This is an organized beach in a walking distance from the town centre. Its sandy coast and closeness to the city makes it popular.

Fourni Beach Rhodes
Location: 80 km from Rhodes Town
Description: A small pebbled beach with few wild rocks, Fournou doesn't offer any kind of facilities apart from the shade of the olive trees.In Fourni Beach Rhodes you will find no restaurants and no umbrellas, just a pebble beach and splashing among the waves. It is a small and peaceful beach below Monolithos, ideal for those who enjoy the wild beauty of nature. If you do not have your own umbrella with you, you will have to get here early to secure a place in the shade of the rocks on the right-hand side of the beach.

Genadi Beach
Location: 63 km from Rhodes Town
Description: Genadi is the last organized beach on the southern side of Rhodes, just a few km before the windsurfing resort of Prassonisi.Gennadi, built near the sea, is a surprising village, as at first glance it seems to be a tourist resort, it has however kept its old glory with the well-preserved houses in narrow streets. Characteristic of the architecture of the houses are the tall exterior walls that as it appears were very useful in the past during the pirate raids.
Gennadi’s greatest jewel is the exceptional beauty of its never-ending beach. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the crystal clear sea at all hours.
Walking through the village, one can see the Police Station, an Italian building with a special architectural rhythm, the Olive press and the church of Saint Ioannis the Theologian (19th century).
The church of Saint Anastasia the Roman (12th century) is built on top of the ruins of an older church that used to be named “Temple of Resurrection”. Today it’s the village’s cemetery.
Gennadi has endless beaches with exceptional beauty that give visitors the chance to enjoy the clean and clear sea. A very special moment at the beach in Gennadi is the sunrise.

Location: 55 km from Rhodes Town
Description: Glystra beach is ideal for swimmers of a tranquil tourist environment, where it dominates the greenery vegetation, the golden sand and the blue sea.The sandy crescent of Glystra beach is a surprising treat amidst the coastline of barren rock, alongside the undeveloped stretch of road south of Lardos. It is not empty, however as it is very accessible and irrestible to anyone driving by. The sand is clean and silky and the beach is backed by tree-studded dunes. South of Glystra, the rocky shoreline can be reached from roadside in several places, but be careful of loos rock and shale when you are descending.
There are umbrellas and sunbeds offered at reasonable places among with a small Cantine for your refreshments and snacks while you are there. The beach is on the way from Lardos to Gennadi.

Haraki ..................
Rhodes Haraki Beach
Haraki Beach Rhodes
Location: 36 km from Rhodes Town
Description: It is a quiet beach with crystal clear waters ideal for the scuba diving. Many taverns there serve fresh sea-food.Haraki (Charaki) is an unspoilt corner in Rhodes, a lovely little village that has been appearing in package holiday brochures for many years, but yet has so far managed to retain the charm of a Rhodean fishing village. Its beach is quite long and it seems to have loyal fans.

Location: 10 km south west of Rhodes Town
Description: Ialyssos is among the most developed tourist resorts on the island. The beach is sandy, clean and has many watersports centres.

Location: 50 km south east of Rhodes Town
Description: The golden sand, the clean water and the relaxing atmosphere make Kalathos a nice family spot on the island.Kalathos beach is a very long ane beautiful beach never overcrowded and well organised with A cantina umbrellas and sunbeds. The beach is mainly used from locals of Kalathos and tourist that stay in one of the hotels or studios of Kalathos. The beach is pebbly and the waters are quite deep. The area is very famous for small fishing boats.

La baia di Lindos
Location: 20 km south of Rhodes Town
Description: The small cove of Ladiko gets very crowded due to its beautiful, wild atmosphere. It is close to Faliraki, the most popular beach resort on Rhodes.

Ladiko Anthony Quinn
Ladiko Anthony Quinn
Location: 20 km south of Rhodes Town
Description: This is a small cove near Ladiko beach, where the famous actor Antony Quinn used to swim. He was on the island for the filming of the "Guns of Navarone".

Location: 50 km south east of Rhodes Town
Description: Lardos is a beautiful, calm beach close to Lindos. This is a great family resort on Rhodes.

Lindos Beach Megali Paralia
Lindos Rhodes Beach
Lindos Beach Megali Paralia
Location: 48 km south of Rhodes Town
Description: The large and sandy beach of Lindos is among the most beautiful on the island. It has clean water and gets very popular.

Lindos Beach Limanaki Agios Pavlos
Location: 48 km south of Rhodes
Description: The small port of Agios Pavlos in Lindos took its name from Apostle Paul, who was said to land there and teach Christianity. This is a small cove under the Castle of Lindos.

Lindos Beach Palace
Location: 48 km south of Rhodes Town
Description: This is one of the three popular beaches that surround Lindos, the second largest town on the island.

Location: 53 km south east of Rhodes Town
Description: This is a beautiful pebbled beach with clean water in Lardos bay. An ideal spot for families with young children.A little gem of a beach between Lardos and Lindos, Lothiarika’s the perfect environment to totally chill out under the Greek sunshine.

Location: 85 km from Rhodes Town
Description: Plimiri is a remote, unorganized beach on the southern side of the island, on the way to the windsurfing resort of Prassonisi.

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