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Δευτέρα, 14 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Pilio Agriolefkes Ski Resort

Freeskier.gr | Pilio Ski Resort top view

One of the most beautiful places in Greece, Pilio Ski Resort is located in the county of Volos. It was created in 1967 by the Climbing Club of Volos, but in 1997 the ownership went to 'Αναπτυξιακή Εταιρεία Μαγνησίας'. The area were the ski resort is located is called Agriolefkes at altitude 1471 meters above sea level.  The resort has 5 lifts and 4 major slopes which are verified by the International Ski Federation. It also has a slope for amateurs and a cross-country route. The price of the day pass during holidays and weekends is 15 euro , while on the working days is 12 euro. A season pass costs 150 euro. 

Useful telephone numbers: +30  24280 74048
Resort Email: info@pelionski.gr
Resort Website: Pilio Ski Resort

Freeskier.gr | Pilio Ski Resort
Freeskier.gr | Pilio Ski Resort foggy day
Freeskier.gr | Pilio Ski Resort Map

pelion ski map

Tel.: +30 24280 73719, 74048
E-mail: sportski@otenet.gr
URL: http://www.pelionski.gr

Mountain: Pelion Altitude: 1170 m - 1471 m.

Pelion Ski Center is located on the Pelion’s Mountain peak and, specifically, at Agriolefkes site. The nearest settlement to the Ski Center is Chania of Pelion.

SlopesThe Agriolefkes Ski Center has four slopes for downhill ski approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS), one for beginners, one cross-country ski run, a network of connecting ski runs, while a new blue slope is under formation, 1800 m in length. In details:

4 red
Thetis, 400 m in length.
Iason, 350 m in length.
Falkonera, 635 m in length. This is actually an extension of Thetis and Iason slopes.
Panorama, 1045 m in length, the longest one of the Ski Center. At its middle, for a distance of 300 m, is very difficult (black), and special attention is needed.
1 green, for beginners, 250 m in length.
1 cross-country ski run (Lang-Lauf), 5 km in length, with a unique natural beauty
LiftsSki Center's lifts are aligned with the current European standards concerning the safe operation of Ski Centers. Five lifts in total operate, out of which.

3 aerial lifts

One aerial double seat. Pilio 3.
Two aerial one seat, Pilio 1 & Pilio 2.
1 sliding.
1 baby-lift.

Other facilities/services

Agrioleukes Chalet, the oldest one in the Ski center, which provides services such as accommodation, food, coffee, drinks, etc.
Pleiades Hotel, for skiers and visitors.
Shelter of Hellenic Alpine Club of Volos, for athletes.
Ski and snowboard school. Private or group lessons. Special courses for children given by teachers trained in education.
Ski equipment rental.
Observatory on top.
Snow-camera, at an altitude of 1400 m, on the top of aerial double seat lift, which has indications 3 times a day, without human intervention.
Meteo station, for online presentation of current images & weather at Ski center (temperature, visibility, wind’s speed & direction).
3 parking lots with a capacity of over 800 cars.

Accessibility/Road network

The access to the Ski Center is from the National Road network of Volos-Zagora, driving onto an asphalt bypass road of 2.8 km long.
The Ski Center is connected to Agios Lavrentios settlement by a graven road, around 8 km long.
Chania settlement is the nearest settlement to the Ski Center and is connected with it by an 8 km long road, which is not asphalt covered throughout its length.
Chania-Kissos road, which ends at the second parking lot, is a graven road of 11 km long.

Operation Period

Pelion Ski Center operates from the beginning of December to the end of March. It is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is probable that its operation will be extended, depending on the snowfall.

Useful notes

Pelion Ski Center has been established by the initiative of the Hellenic Alpine Club of Volos in 1967, when began its operation the first aerial lift. Since 1997 the Development Company of Magnesia S.A. (ANEM S.A.) is responsible for its management.
The installation of a telecabin (lift) is supported by the Regional State in order to connectChania with the peak of Pelion Ski Center.

It is one of the first ski centers in Greece, which had organized night ski.

Facilities/services in the surrounding area

At Chania settlement, near Pelion Ski Center, there are various reastaurants and hotels, as well as stores selling local products.

Activities in the surrounding area

The activities that have been developed in the Mountain Center of Athletic and Entertaining Activities, in Agriolefkes, Pelion, until our days, include the following: 

In cooperation with Volos Shooting Club visitors have the chance to learn and practice shooting with the use of an arch or a popgun with the assistance of highly experienced trainers and the use of high quality equipment.
With the support of Magnessia Horse Riding Club visitors have the chance to experience tourist horse-riding with trained horses on the magnificent paths of the area. They have the possibility to choose a small or big, easy or difficult, but, in any case, a beautiful route.
Mountain bikes with anatomically skeletons guarantee comfortable and pleasant mountain cycling in magnificent routes of various degrees of difficulty, according to the capability of the visitors.
Entertainment activities have been planned in cooperation with the Hellenic Alpine Club of Volos for those who would like to experience the feeling of a climber and spend their day in action and pleasantly. The development of hiking sport in Pelion paths has added to the beauty of the area and gives visitors the chance to familiarize themselves with nature and the rich flora and fauna of the area.
In the near future, the following activities will be organized:

Weekly camps,
Sports events or even games in the forest,
Night events under the light of a full moon, i.e. August full moon.The development of other activities will be taking place from early May until the end of November.
Some activities (i.e. shooting and climbing) will be taking place throughout the year.
The activities will be taking place every weekend from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

30 Kilometers (preserved settlement) AGIOS LAVRENTIOS, PELION, GREECE
346 Kilometers the prefectural capital ATHENS, GREECE
2 Kilometers from: CHANIA, PELION, GREECE
40 Kilometers the municipality seat MILIES, PELION, GREECE
12 Kilometers (preserved settlement) PORTARIA, PELION, GREECE
239 Kilometers the prefectural capital THESSALONIKI, MAKEDONIA CENTRAL, GREECE
27 Kilometers the prefectural capital VOLOS, MAGNESSIA, GREECE
56 Kilometers (preserved settlement) VYZITSA, PELION, GREECE
20 Kilometers the municipality seat ZAGORA, PELION, GREECE


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