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Δευτέρα, 14 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Parnassos Ski Resort

Freeskier.gr | Parnassos Ski Resort Fterolaka chalet view

One of the most beautiful mountains in Greece is Parnassos, which is very well known for its beauty and the Parnassos Ski Resort located on sites Kelaria and Fterolaka. The altitude of the resort starts from 1600m. going up to 2250m. having a vertical drop of 650 meters. It is considered the biggest and most well functioning ski resort in Greece, started operating in 1976 at Fterolaka site and in 1981 also at Kelaria. The resort has 19 slopes, 7 ski routes, 10 paths and 3 mini slopes for amateurs with total length of 36 kilometers for all kind of ski levels.  There is also a Snowpark at Kelaria site. The price of a day pass for adults costs 30 euro during holidays and weekends, while in working days costs only 15 euro. The season pass for an adult costs 400 euro. 

Useful telephone numbers: +30 22340-22700 ,22340-22689 , 22340-29032 , 22340-22339 , 22340-22373 , 22340-22694

Resort Email: infoxkp@etasa.gr
Resort Website: Parnassos Ski Resort

Freeskier.gr | Parnassos Ski Resort Ermis
Freeskier.gr | Parnassos Ski Resort Fterolaka
Freeskier.gr | Parnassos Ski Resort Fterolaka Ira
Freeskier.gr | Parnassos Ski Resort Iraklis
Freeskier.gr | Parnassos Ski Resort Map

About skiing and other feel-good stories on Mt. Parnassos.

Mount Parnassos, with an altitude of 2,260 metres, ranks among the highest mountains in Greece. Its spectacular geomorphology and rich biodiversity place it among the most important mountain environments in our country. Here you will find the biggest downhill ski resort in Greece. The mountain’s high altitude offers ski lovers long-lasting snow-covered peaks, and the mountain is a very popular spot for visitors as it is located near Athens.

The ski resort consists of two locations, Kellária and Fterólakka, which are connected with lifts and runs. A third one, Yerodóvrahos, is a small separate resort linked with Kellária by ski trails. The ski resort boasts 23 ski runs (3 difficult, 8 intermediate, 8 easy & 4 very easy) with a total length of 27 km, and 13 ski and chair lifts.
Here are some of the ski runs you could chose to enter and cross, depending on your chosen level of difficulty:

Downhill ski runs at Kellária:

(a) Aphrodite (no 1): A blue, 1,500m long ski trail that leads to the chalet.
(b) Odysseus (no 8): A challenging 800m red run, maybe black at some points. The most difficult piste of the area that experienced skiers really love to cross.
(c) Hermes (no 11): A definitely blue run 700m in length.
(d) Run (no 16): Starting from the Zeus lift at Fterólakka, this run ends at the starting point of the chair lift Hermes at Kellária. It is actually a blue snow trail 1,400m in length.
(e) The runs Telemachus (no 3) and Pericles (no 15) are ideal for an early-in-the-morning warm-up.
(f) If you are just interested in taking up skiing lessons, experienced ski instructors waiting to show you the ropes at the two baby runs (120m & 50m in length) of the ski resort.

Share these slopes at Fterólakka with other skiers:

(a) Hera (no 7) & Pan (no 10): Two of the blue runs which are perfect for the beginners.
(b) Run no 7a: A really difficult red 850m long run. One of the most beautiful runs winding through the heart of a dense spruce forest.
(c) Charioteer (no 6): A red run widely known for its high degree of difficulty, and a great favourite for Greek skiers (1,000m in length). Together with the run “Bacchus (no 2a)” they are both approved by the International Ski Federation.
(d) Pythia (no 14): If you have completed the beginner’s level, this blue run is the most suitable for you.
(e) Sahara (no 22): On Mt. Parnassos, this run brings to mind the biggest desert in the world! In fact, it has been described as the best red run at the ski resort. This 1,000m long piste links Kellária with Fterólakka, and can also be reached by the Zeus lift.

Alongside your skiing activities, welcome the opportunity to discover the reason why this destination is so attractive. In Aráhova, various elegant and first-class hotels or traditional guest houses offer you luxurious accommodation.

Fine-dining restaurants and small, romantic taverns serve tasty dishes cooked with the area’s famous products, such as “hilopites” (small square-shaped pieces of pasta made of durum wheat), or “formaéla”, the traditional cheese of Aráhova.

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