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Σάββατο, 12 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Be our Crete Reporter. Discover Hersonissos Municipality!!!

Municipality of Hersonissos Announces its “Crete Reporters” Winners
Teamwork, technology and tourism: three words that describe the successful formula for the social media campaign undertaken recently by the Hersonissos Municipality in Crete.
“Be our Crete Reporter. Discover Hersonissos Municipality!!!”
-- developed in collaboration with major Dutch tour operators, Zoover.com, griekenland.net and Sundio Group and other partners in Crete – started when the dynamic Dutch community that lives in the Cretan municipality (Gouves, Malia, Hersonissos) felt it was time to shift the spotlight from what is usually an emphasis on the area’s lively nightlife to the area’s rich ultural, naturalbeauty and other Cretan charms.
Hersonissos is the leading travel destination of the Dutch community.
“We had the great pleasure to launch such a successful campaign with Zoover,” said Zacharias Doxastakis, Mayor of Hersonissos. “This innovating project proves that new technologies can be used to promote traditional values such as cultural exchange and tourism. The greatest benefit for our Municipality will be that our visitors are going to have the opportunity to share their experiences and collect reviews.
This is a necessary key strategy in a highly competitive tourism market.”
On June 27th four winners were announced, and, based on their winning answers to the contest question: “How would you describe the real Crete,” will be flown to Crete’s Hersonissos to take on the role of reporter with a full-paid visit for one week. (The offer is for one reporter +1 for a total of eight people).
The four winners are female, and will visiting the Municipality of Hersonissos during the month of September. Accommodations have been provided by Malia,
Hotel Sirens Beach; Chersonissos, Lyttos Beach; Chersonissos (Avdou)Country
Hotel Velani; and Gouves, apartment Your Memories
The campaign at-a-glance
In response to the local Dutch community’s request to shed light on the charms of Hersonissos, the Municipality of Hersonissos began its outreach to major tour operators in Holland with large social media platforms as to maximise the awareness of the campaign to the target market.
The municipality’s strong and long-held business relationships with Dutch-based Zoover.nl and Griekenland.net led to creating a web platform that would reach over 2 million potential travellers. The campaign included information,
Q&As, quizzes and interesting facts and photos on Crete posted on several
of the companies’ platforms including, facebook pages, twitter and google +, as
well as e-newsletters and the companies’ websites.
Dutch-based Sundio Group provided the complimentary airline tickets, while hotels, restaurants, car rental companies and other necessary accommodation services and amenities were sponsored by Cretan entities.
During a special ten- day period (June 6- June 15) the partners launched “Be our Crete Reporter. Discover Hersonissos Municipality!!!,” an internet contest search to find 4 Crete reporters that will provide a fresh new look at the Greek party destination. The 4 reporters would be invited to spend seven days in the municipality of Hersonissos and report their findings via posts, tweets and other social reports to the tour operators’platforms. A Greek guide will get the reporters started as to assure they don’t miss the beautiful spots. During their stay at the beach resorts they will be asked to document their findings and film stunning images, take lots of pictures and write an extensive travel report of their experience. In addition, the reporter will keep Zoover up-to-date, in real-time, by posting these discoveries via acebook and/or Twitter.
by Greek National Tourist Organization

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