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Σάββατο, 11 Ιανουαρίου 2014

Kastoria The Beautiful city and the lake

One of the most picturesque towns in Macedonia  - real Byzantine art museum-is Kastoria , the capital of the prefecture, built on the shores of beautiful Lake  Orestiadas.  Located on the western edge of  West Macedonia .
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Is built on a peninsula west of Lake Orestiadas at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level,  between the mountains  Vitsis  and  Grammes ,  and has rightly termed one of the most beautiful cities of Greece . According to tradition, it was founded by Orestis in honor of his sister Electra.  flickr

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The sights are really too much! Amazingly well- preserved mansions,  Byzantine and Post-Byzantine churches,  museums ( Byzantine Museum  -  Folk Museum -  Museum of Costume), the prehistoric settlement of Dispilio, Petrified Forest Kastoria, the cave of the dragon, and many impressive villages near Kastoria as:  
Nestorius , Klisoura , Vitsis and other settlements. 

Another amazing destination is the mountain cluster GRAMMOU the source Aliakmona river , the longest river in Greece 297chlm. The area is ideal for sightseeing and hiking trails in the National .  For those who love winter sports, the mountain, a village 20 km from the city of Kastoria and operated  ski resort , with three runs, is capable of receiving a large number of visitors.

O 17th century was the period of great luster. Since then kept amazingly mansions , which in one version are the evolution of Byzantine style residence.  
Currently dominate the narrow streets of the old town district, the listed  numerous towering  mansions with their impressive  Byzantine architecture.
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Samples of high social and economic level of Kastoria and higher living standards are, the beautiful mansions. 
The wealth and prosperity that brought gounemporio city captured and kept up to date on homes built by the widely traveled and affluent residents.  
The architecture of the mansions influenced by the rhythms of Macedonia and northern Europe . The mansions are usually three floors. 

The neighborhoods that stand proudly mansions of Kastoria is  Apozari and Doltso , which were built around the 17th and 18th century,  and are the eyewitnesses of the economic prosperity of Kastoria furriers , where commercial activities had outgrown the border with activities abroad.  Touring the streets of our travels in other seasons

Monastery St. Anargiron  Melissotopos

In Kastoria still preserved very considerable monuments of Byzantine culture, such as walls and almost 80 Byzantine churches it has, which together with the truly magnificent Lake Kastoria create an unmatched setting.
few of them are:
The Holy Monastery of Panagia Mavriotissas (12th)
Monastery of St. Anargiron (10-11 century)
The church of St. Nicholas Karidis (18th)
The Church of Three Saints (14th)
The Church Lady Tsontou Varda (19th)
The church of the Archangel Metropolis (13th)
In Church of St. Nicholas Magaleiou (16th)
Here is the Monastery of Panagia Mavriotisa 12th century.
Sources: el.wikipedia.org / www.kastoria.gr 

How to get there:

- By private car : Take the highway from Thessaloniki to Athens and approximately 30 miles before turning hometown for Veria. Overtake Veria and Kozani to continue through Via Egnatia. Not pass through Kozani. Continue Egnatia few miles after the junction of Kozani, you will find the node that goes to Siatista. We turn and from there follow the signs to Kastoria.

- Access to Kastoria by air through regular daily service from Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) to Kastoria Airport "Aristotle" in Argos Orestikon within 10 km from the city center .

Tel airport "Aristotle": 24670.42.515

Kastoria - Athens 555 Km
Kastoria - Thessaloniki 219 Km
Kastoria - Prespa 54 Km
Municipality of Kastoria : 24670-22312 F :24670-22451
Traffic Department : 24670-83500
Fire : 24,670 to 22,199
Byzantine Museum : 24670-26781
Folklore Museum : 24670-22908 Museum Costume : 24670-28156

Kastoria Bus : 24670-83455
Kastoria Bus (Athens) : 210-5152548
TAXI Kastoria : 24670-82100
Hospital Kastoria : 24,670 to 55,600 .. 5

Difficult to choose from the best time of year come in Kastoria, because each period is as beautiful here. In spring and autumn, nature gives incredible images with vivid colors and pure atmosphere, the winter snow makes magical landscape while in summer the River party organized here gives an exquisite touch of fun to the area. - See more at: http://travel-around-greece.blogspot.gr/2012/03/blog-post_5720.html#sthash.W4h8DW6N.dpuf

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