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Σάββατο, 18 Ιανουαρίου 2014

Alexandroupolis Information

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Alexandroupoli  is a city in Greece and the capital of the Evros regional unit in Thrace. It is an important port and commercial center of northeastern Greece.

Alexandroupoli is about 14.5 km (9.0 mi) west of the delta of the river Evros, 40 km from the border with Turkey, 346 km (215 mi) from Thessaloniki on the newly constructed Egnatia highway, and 750 km (470 mi) from Athens. Around the city one finds small fishing villages like Makri and Dikella to the west, and suburban Maistros, Apalos, Antheia, Aristino, Nipsa, Loutra to the east, while north of the city are the ever closing Palagia, Abantas, Aissymi and Kirkas. At the 2001 census, the main city had a population of 48,885 and the municipal unit had a population of 52,720. The current metropolitan population is estimated at around 70,000 inhabitants, and its area covers the southern portion of the regional unit, running from the Rhodope regional unit to the Evros Delta. The municipality has a land area of 1,220  km² (468.73 sq mi). Besides Alexandroúpolis, its other largest settlements are the villages of Mákri (pop. 820), Ávas (497), Sykorráchi (309), Aisými (289), and Díkella (288).

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Useful phone addresses

Prefecture diam : 25510 36500
Dimos Alexandroupolis : 25510 64100
Tourist Police : 25510 66200
Port : 25510 26468, Ferries to Samothraki
Port of Alexandroupolis: 25510-26,251 & 28464 Fax.: from 25,510 to 26,485 http://www.ola-sa.gr/
Airport 'Demokritos' 25510 89300
Hospital : 25510 74000
Fire : 199 http://www.fireservice.gr
Ambulance : 166 http://www.ekab.gr
Mail (Post Office) : 25510 23122 RADIO TAXI : 25510 33500

Bus Evros

Alexandroupolis25510 2647925510 25126 bales
Feres25550 22219
Soufli25540 22291
Didymoticho25530 22366
Orestiada25520 2255025520 22732 bales
Kavala (stop)2510 837176
Thessalonica2310 5954392310 595465 bales
Athens210 5133280
Alexandroupolis25510 3350025510 2200025510 28358
Feres25550 22242
Soufli25540 22888
Didymoticho25530 23333
Orestiada25520 2502525520 24443
trains Evros
Alexandroupolis 2551026395
Orestiada 2552022328

Flight Program

The location of airport is 7 km east of Alexandroupolis to NE Greece on main national road E90. The airport is equipped to international standards of navigational-electronics aids and passenger facilities. The name " Democritus " was given to the airport in honour of the ancient Atomic Philosopher who was born in Avdera (a village which located about 100 Km west of Alexandroupolis). The Alexandroupolis airport originally opened in 1944. Recognized in 1955 as international airport. The existing facility was opened in 1975.

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