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Δευτέρα, 28 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Rafting in Greece

rafting Loussios

"Due to the large number of rivers available in the mainland, visiting Greece is a must for those who are looking for a rafting adventure. Rafting in Greece is an activity that can be practiced mainly in Epirus, Peloponnese and Central Greece."

Rafting in river Alfeios (Peloponnese)

Rafting in river Alfeios is a spectacular experience for visitors of Peloponnese. Alfeios is 111 klm long and is the most important river in Southern Greece. Located in central Peloponnese (two hours journey from Athens), river Alfeios is considered to be an outstanding destination for rafting and κayaking.

Grading from 2 up to 4, this amazing river is a perfect mix of tranquility and pure adventure. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy stunning views of enormous trees and rocky landscapes, while feeling the excitement of a strenuous activity.

The region of Alfeios is a destination of unique beauty, as travellers have the chance to enjoy rafting through narrow canyons, surrounded by huge rocks and an outstanding variety of flora.

Except for rafting, climbing and trekking are activities that can be practiced in the region.

Rafting in Aliakmonas

River Aliakmonas is the longest river in Greece, as it is 320 Klm long. Located in Northern Greece, river Aliakmonas offers visitors stunning views and the chance to experience rafting in an amazing natural environment.

River Aliakmonas passes through several locations in Northern Greece, such as Kastoria, Grevena, Kozani, Imathia and Pieria.

There are several rafting routes available, grading from 1 up to 3. Depending on the experience of the visitor a different route can be followed. The region of Grevena is considered to be ideal for practicing rafting, as most of the routes are suitable for travellers with little experience on rafting.

Getting to the region of Grevena is an one hour and 20 minutes journey from the city of Thessaloniki.

Rafting in river Aggitis

River Aggitis is a tributary of River Strymonas. Located in Northern Greece, in the prefectures of Serres and Drama, Aggitis is a wonderful rafting destination. Only an hour away from the city of Thessaloniki, travellers have the chance to enjoy brilliant rafting routes and unique flora.
River Aggitis is 75 klm long and it is considered to be the most important tributary of Strymonas, as it surrounded by enormous trees and rare flora. The region offers visitors the opportunity to practice rafting using two different routes; The first route is suitable for families, as it is a fairly easy route. The second route is appropriate for those who are experts, as this route is graded from two up to grade three. Therefore, the second route is a must for those who are keen on rafting and looking for a real rafting adventure.
Due to the morphology of the ground, a number of extreme sports can be practiced near river Aggitis. Except for rafting, visitors can practice canyoning and river trekking, as the region is a true paradise for nature lovers.
Morever, Aggitis cave is a unique creation of nature located 20 minutes away from the city of Drama. Aggitis cave is 21 klm long,offering visitors exceptional views.

Rafting in Zagori

Zagori is a spectacular region in Northern Greece, located in the prefecture of Ioannina (about an hour away from the city of Ioannina). The region of Zagori consists of 46 different villages known as Zagorochoria.

Rafting is a popular activity in the region, as Zagori provides visitors with plenty of routes, amazing experiences, and stunning landscape views. The major river in the area is “Voidomatis”, which is considered to be a perfect route for novice and experts. Graded from 1 to 5, Voidomatis is a suitable place for families, as the river is not considered to be a hostile environment for children.

On the contrary, river “Aoos”, which is part of “Voidomatis”, is the perfect place for those who want to take their chances, in order to experience the thrill of rafting. Graded from 4 up to 5, river “Aoos” is a spectacular rafting destination that offers visitors demanding and adventurous routes.

Rafting in Tzoumerka

The region of Tzoumerka is located in central Greece. Getting there is a 3 hours journey from Athens, which definately worths the effort.
River Arachthos is a brilliant choice for those looking for action, instead of just enjoying a peaceful trip. Rafting in Arachthos is a totally refreshing activity, mainly suitable for experts, as most of the routes are graded from 3 up to 5.
There is number of different villages near Arachthos, where visitors can spend their night and get to meet the locals. The region of Tzoumerka consists of several small villages; Syrrako, Kalarrytes, and Pramanda are three of the main villages near Arachthos river.

There are plenty of routes that visitors can follow, depending on their rafting experience. Therefore, there are some easy and “smooth”  rafting routes in Arachthos river, suitable for families, while there are some rough routes that only experienced travellers could follow.

When it comes to combining nature and extreme sports, Tzoumerka is a brilliant destination. Surrounded by high peaks and stunning flora, the region of Tzoumerka is an ideal destination for practicing extreme sports.

Rafting in river Lousios

Rafting in Peloponesse is a marvelous experience, as it is an activity that takes place in stunning scenery and unique natural environment. River Lousios is part of river Alfeios located in Northern Peloponnese. Getting there is a two hours journey from the capital of Greece (Athens).
Visitors of Peloponnese have the opportunity to explore a region of unique flora and fauna, as river Lousios is a destination that combines brilliant mountain scenery and rare wildlife. Located in the prefecture of Arcadia,it is a spectacular destination for practicing a number of extreme sports, including rafting.
Rafting routes grade from 1 up to 2, making river Lousios an appropriate destination for families and children. Although rafting through Loussios is considered to be a relaxing activity, travellers have the opportunity to visit Loussios gorge which is a strenuous trek.
The region of Arcadia is an exceptional destination in Greece, where visitors can practice several outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking and canyoning.

Rafting in the rivers Lousios - Alfeios:

Location:  mountainous Arkadia
Ideal season: September - November, March - July.

Descending the Lousio and Alfio rivers always offers excitement to amateur and experienced rafters alike.

Route A’ (Atsicholou bridge - Koukou bridge)
Route length: 7 km      Difficulty level: III (intermediate)

Route B’ (Atsixolou bridge - Thisoa)
Route length: 10 km       Difficulty level: III (intermediate)

Route C’ (Atsixolou bridge - Matesi)
Route length: 16 km       Difficulty level: III (intermediate)

Rafters of Trekking Hellas Grevena, in Broken Bridge rapid of Aoos - Armata section. Water level med-high (55cm at Vovousa gauge - 1.50m at Konitsa gauge)

River descent with  inflatable boats.

The crew consists  of 6-8 paddlers  and one professional  river guide.

Where can I do rafting?
Peloponnese - Lousios & Alfios River (grade II-III), Ladonas River 
Evrytania - Acheloos River (grade I), Tavropos River (grade II), Trikeriotis River (grade III)
Meteora - Aspropotamos (grade III), 
Aliakmonas (various difficulty levels from 1-5)
Grevena - Venetikos river (various difficulty levels from 1-5), Mileopotamos River (grade IV)
Kissavos -  Pinios (various difficulty levels from 1-3)
Zagorochoria  - Voidomatis (grade I-II)
Serres - Alistrati, Aggitis (grade II)
Drama - River Aggitis (grade of difficulty 3), River Nestos (grade of difficulty 2)
Kastoria -  Nestorio (grade II)
Tzoumerka - Kalaritikos, (grade IV) Arachthos (various difficulty levels from 1-4)
Nafpaktia - Evinos (grade II)
Mountainous Pella - Moglenitsas, Edessaios
Xanthi - Nestos (difficulty level 1-3) 

When can I do rafting?

Rafting usually takes place in Greece between October to May, though in some rivers you can enjoy rafting throughout the year.

Participation Requirements

In order to participate in a descent you have to start from rafting in rivers of 1st and 2nd grade of difficulty. You can then gradually continue to more difficult descents of 3rd-4th degree of difficulty. You must know how to swim and be in good physical condition.

What do I need to carry with me?

What you need to have with you is a pair of shoes that will get wet, a swimming suit, a t-shirt and a towel.

Necessary Equipment

A neoprene suit and pair of socks, windproof jacket, helmet, life jacket and a paddle.

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