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Κυριακή, 6 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Patra city in Peloponnese

The largest city in the Peloponnese and Achaïa’s capital, Patra is named after King Patreas, who ruled Achaïa around 1100 BC. Despite an eventful 3000 years of history, Patra is not considered the most compelling destination in the Peloponnese; most travellers pass straight through, boarding or disembarking from boats that sail between here, Italy and the Ionian Islands.
Yet those who do stay a night or two will find a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant café and clubbing scene (helped by the presence of Patra’s 40, 000 university students), plus a busy arts and culture community.

Patra is not beautiful – the cityscape is dominated by bland 1950s concrete tenements that squat between the few surviving 19th-century neoclassical buildings – but behind the scruffy port, Patra scrubs up better these days.

The city has attractive plazas and architectural landmarks, such as the Apollon Theatre and, nearby, the impressive, shiny Rio–Andirio suspension bridge, linking the city with western continental Greece.

Getting to Patra Port

The suburban (KTEL) bus station of Patra is located 300m from the main entrance to the port; more specifically at Othonos Amalias Road. The call center of the suburban bus station is (+30 2610) 623888.
If you choose to use train, the train station of Patra is located precisely opposite the main entrance of the port. You can call at (+30 2610) 639110, 639108 for further information.
If you have your own car, you can follow the signs that lead to the port of Patra . If you prefer to rent a car instead of bringing your own, you can use the car search engine of FantasticGreece.com and arrange to pick it up from the location of your desire.
You can also call a radio-taxi or use an ordinary taxi from the street.

Ferry Itineraries from Patra
You can travel to Italy and more specifically to Ancona, Venice, Bari, Brindisi from the port of Patra daily. At the same time you can also reach the Ionian islands Corfu, Kefalonia (port of Sami), Ithaca as well as Igoumenitsa (northern Greece).
Strintzis Ferries is the ferry company that schedules ferry itineraries from Patra to Sami in Kefalonia, Vathi and Pisaetos in Ithaca.
Ships of the ferry company Super Fast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries depart from Patra to Igoumenitsa, Ancona but also to Corfu and Bari.
Ferry Itineraries of the ferry company Agoudimos Lines connect the port of Patra with Igoumenitsa, Brindisi and Bari.
Endeavor Lines' ferry itineraries connect Patra with Brindisi in Italy.
Finally, the ferry companies Minoan Lines and Anek Lines travel to Igoumenitsa, Ancona, Corfu and Venice departing from the port of Patra.

Night Life

Villa Mercedes The Greece's best club.Very Strike to get in.Price 10 eu + free Drink 8 eu each additionl drink.Many Guests like David Gueta etc.Adress:Rio (Summer Time) Patra (Next to the Ktel)(winter).Warning!On Carnival periode entrance to villa cost 25 eu.Search what to do on Carnival because there are better places that time of the year.
Guzel Athen's Greates club/reaustorant now in Patras.Adress:Rio on Summertime And in Patra on Winter (near veso Mall).
Hall Seaside bar at Marina
Destinto at Rio.
Volcano live music and dancing at this nightlife club, it's acceptable for all ages.
Radinou Street is a tiny alley that houses some small café and pubs, it’s empty during the day but gets packed during the night. There's no much difference between the one pub from the other, the loud beat will hit you anyway as they come from every small spot, just stand between two pub and you will here in stereo a mix of two different tracks


Patras is well known for the wines produced by the Achaia Clauss wine factory and especially for a variety called Mavrodafni. Visitors should also taste the local liqueur called Tentoura which is usually served as a digestive.
Some of the best places to get a drink, especially in the warm summer months is on the beach road in Rio. This strip of land is lined with bars and cafeterias catering to mostly Greeks. The clubs can get pretty packed, and usually European style music is played rather than Greek. Enjoy the views of the ocean and the Rio-Antirrio Bridge which is magnificently lit up on the weekends.
The city can provide a big varriety of coffee shops, especially in Agiou Nikolaou Str. (Saint Nikolaos Str.), Radinou Str., Marine (area called "Pelekaneika" in Iroon Politechniou Str.), Plateia Vasileiou Georgiou (King Georgios Square), Gerokostopoulou Str., Ipsila Alonia Square (Plateia Ypsilon Alonion), "Veso Mare" in Akti Dimeon Blvd, Koukouli area near Technological Institute of Patras etc.
For those who want self service there are Starbucks at Plateia vasileiou Georgiou (King Georgios Square).


The city of Patras can provide modern staff by vintage shops.Patras is the best shopping city because all the stores are in the town hall.You can find all the brands.Patra's stores are a litle bit more expensive but they provide good quality.In Patra you can find *Christian Dior *Gucci *Channel *DnG *La Martina *Fred Perry *Replay *Diesel *Miss Sixty *Energy *Levi's *Fred Perry *Polo Raulph Loren *Tommy Hilfiger (big Variety) *Staff jeans and Co.(Greek Brand) *LAK (Greek Brand) * BSB *UCB etc.You can also find all the street brands such as *DKNY *Oneil *Volcom *Converce *DC *Vans etc,The town provide also shops like *Zara *Bershka *Pull And Bear *Stradivirus *Sprinder (Greek Shops(Balkanian Brand))*Marcks And Spencer.Finally Patras bigest Mall is *Notos Galleries and *Hondos Center (for perfumes and cosmetic),*Duty Free are open for guest also!

Places of Interest
Ancient Odeon: The Odeon is built near Agios Georgios square in the area of the old city of Patra. It was built in the 2nd century B.C. with a seating capacity of 2.500 people and is considered one of the most ancient theatres in Greece.

Ancient Klitoria: The ancient site is close to Klitoria in Kalavryta and comprises numerous archaeological findings such as an ancient theatre and signs on tombs from the ancient city-state.

Agios Andreas Cathedral: The old Agios Andreas church in Patra, was built in 1836 - 1843 on the site of an ancient Demetra temple and is the place where the first Apostle and patron saint of the city was crucified in 66 A.D. The most recent Agios Andreas Cathedral was built in 1908 and it is considered the largest church in Greece. The saint's head and part of the Cross he was crucified on are kept in the church.

Monastery of Agia Lavra: It was founded in 961 AD and it is located 6km west of Kalavryta. In includes invaluable relics, like the Banner of the revolution of 1821.

Monastery of Mega Spileo: The monastery of Mega Spileo was founded in 362 A.D. and is one the most historical monasteries in Greece. There are a lot of relics and scripts kept in the monastery, the most valuable possession being the icon of Virgin Mary made by Lukas the Apostle.

Panagia Tripiti Church:
Located in Aigio, the grand church is built high up a rock and is a sight that impresses visitors.
Patra City Theatre "Apollo": Located in the centre of Patra, in Georgiou Square the theatre was built in 1872 by the German architect Ernst Ziller

Pantokratoras Church: It is one of the oldest churches in Achaia, and a small scale replica of the church of Ag.Sophia

Rio Castle: It was built in 1499, during the Turkish Occupation. The castle of Rio is built across the castle of Antirio.

Roman Bridge: It is a double arch bridge in the nothern entrance of Patra

Roman Castle: The castle is located Patra in the area of the ancient Acropolis of Justinian, revealing an important part of the historical background of the city.


Archaelogical Museum of Aigio: The museum is located in the old town market building of Aigio. The collections inside the museum include finds dating from the Neolithic toy the Late Roman periods.

Archaelogical Museum of Patra: The museum of Patra is housed on the ground floor of a three storeeyed Neoclassical building in the center of Patras. Today a new modern building is being built in the entrance of the city.

Museum of the Sacrifice of the People of Kalavryta:
This museum was founded in 1993, 50 years after the city holocaust (December 13th, 1943). The collections inside the museum include personal belongings of citizens who were executed, photographs from Greeks and German and other stamps and engravings.

Museums and Libraries

Aigio Archaelogical Museum: +30 26910 - 21517
Aigio Folk Art & History Museum: +30 26910 - 62106
Aigio Historical Archives: +30 26910 - 21293
Aigio Municipal Library: +30 26910 - 26694
Kalavryta Municipal Museum: +30 26920 - 23646
Patra Byzantine Museum: +30 2610 - 276143
Patra Folk Art Museum: +30 2610 - 274034
Patra Municipal Library: +30 2610 - 224813
Patra Museum: +30 2610 - 276207

Useful Information

Bus Service
Patra: +30 2610 - 623886
Aigio: +30 26910 - 22424
Akrata: +30 26960 - 22513
Kalavryta: +30 26920 - 22224
Kato Achaia: +30 26930 - 22021

Greek National Tourism Organisation: +30 2610 - 620677

Health Centres
Akrata : +30 26960 - 22222
Chalandritsa: +30 26940 - 22298
Erymanthia: +30 26940 - 31301
Kato Achaia: +30 269360 - 23761
Klitoria: +30 26920 - 31207

Aigio Hospital: +30 26910 - 22222
Children's Hospital: +30 2610 - 622222
Kalavryta Hospital:+30 26920 - 22226
Patra "Agios Andreas" General Hospital: +30 2610 - 227000
Patra Chest Disease Hospital: +30 2610 - 623535
Patra "Red Cross" Hospital: +30 2610 - 277833
Rio Regional University Hospital: +30 2610 - 999111

Police Stations

Emergency Line: +30 2610 - 695330
Aigio: +30 26910 - 61601
Akrata: +30 26960 - 2222
Chalandritsa: +30 26940 - 22202
Kalavryta: +30 26930 - 23333
Kato Achaia: +30 26930 - 23333
Patra Tourist Police: +30 2610 - 695191
Patra Traffice Police:+30 2610 - 695191

Port Authorities
Aigio: +30 26910 - 28888
Patra: +30 2610 - 341002
Rio: +30 2610 - 991203

Tourism Information Office
: +30 26910 - 620353
Train Operators:
Aigio: +30 26910 - 22385
Akrata: +30 26960 - 31291
Diakofto: +30 26930 - 43206
Kalavryta: +30 26930 - 22245
Kato Achaia: +30 26930 - 22578
Patra: +30 2610 - 639108-10

16 Agiou Andreou str., 262 21 Patras, Greece
Tel: +30 2610 277502, +30 2610 276311, Fax: +30 2610 271644
Reservations / E-mail: astir@pat.forthnet.gr
Website: www.hotelastirpatras.gr
Room division's contact: Kostas Apostolopoulos

46 Agiou Nikolaou street, 262 21 Patras, Greece
Tel: +30 2610 622939, +30 2610 224103, Fax: +30 2610 243754
Reservations / E-mail: info@olympicstar.gr
Website: www.olympicstar.gr
Room division's contact: Vassilis Kouris

18 Agiou Nikolaou str., 262 21 Patras, Greece
Tel: +30 2610 279602, Fax: +30 2610 223327
Reservations / E-mail: mediterran@otenet.gr
Website: www.mediterranee.gr
Room division's contact: Emmanouil Tsouramanis

15 Oth. Amalias str., Patras, Greece
Tel: +30 2610 623131
Reservations / E-mail: info@patraspalace.gr
Website: www.patraspalace.gr

9 Ag. Nikolaou str., Patras 26221 Greece
Tel: +30 2610 275981, Fax: +30 2610 278815
Reservations / E-mail: info@galaxyhotel.com.gr
Website: www.galaxyhotel.com.gr
Room division's contact: Thomopoulou Tonia

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