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Πέμπτη, 17 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Kos Travel Guide

Kos is located in the south-eastern Aegean Sea south of Kalymnos and north of Nisyros at the ancient Keramiko gulf (Kerme Körfezi) or Kos gulf, just 3 nautical miles from Asia Minor coast. It is the third largest island in the Dodecanese, its extent 290,29 kilometers and its circumnavigation is around 60 nautical miles. From the prehistoric times it was an important channel of the sea ways that started from the Black Sea and along the shoreline of Asia Minor and the islands of Aegean and reached North Africa.
File:Kos sta hipp.JPG
Hippocrates Status 
Kos is the birthplace of the father of medicine, Hippocrates, which was born on the island around 460 B.C. and founded the Great School of Medicine of Kos. The island is famous for its rich vegetation and its temperate climate and it was characterized by the Roman doctor Gallino as "the most temperate place in the world". Kos Island Air ViewThe morphology of the ground varies and is the result of long-lasting geological changes particularly owed to the volcanic activity of the commonly known Aegean Arc (Nisyros, Thira, Milos, Methana). 

According to the latest geological studies seven volcanoes are located between Nisyros and Kos and one of them in the Isthmus of Kefalos is inactive today. The big explosion happened 160,000 years ago between Nisyros and Kefalos. As a result it covered half of the island of Kos, in the western part, with a layer of ash and kisiris thickness of about 30 meters. Kos’s ground fertility is a result of its volcanic origin, which had been known since antiquity and has left the proverbial phrase “whom Kos can’t nourish Egypt can’t either”.
Starting from the villages of Kos, Asfendiou, Ammaniou, Antimahia, Kardamena, Kefalos, Marmari, Mastihari, Pyli and Tingaki, then on how to get there, where to stay, what to see, where to eat and all that you need to make your stay the best ever, with a large photo gallery so that you can get a glimpse of our island’s beauties. The Marina of Kos Island officially opened on the 15th of May 2001. Kos Island Ancient AgoraSince then high quality services are offered to guests. Located next to Kos Island’s old harbour it’s the heart of the Dodecanese islands and serves as the best sailing & cruising area in Europe! It offers a wide range of benefits such as: Pilot speedboat, WC-showers, Trolleys, Parking Lot, Bilge pump out, Sewerage pump out, Waste oil disposal, Refuse containers, Fuel station. Reception, Authorities, Info centre, Meeting room & Guests' Suites. Weather report, Internet, telephone and facsimile services are offered in the Marina's Info Centre and many more.

Kos Island’s Marina can become your own personal haven. We’ll ensure that your stay at Kos Marina is worth every moment of your time. Kos Island’s History and Mythology along with the descriptions of all archaeological sites are written by the archaeologist Sophia Ntintioumi. Kos Accommodation, Sight Seeing, Excursions, Maps and Traditions Kos Island Figulinewere created to provide the best information to the visitor. The Business Block ensures that you can find any professional service on Kos Island at any time needed and also includes a database with the most useful phone numbers. We have included interesting Links that give us additional information on the island and not only. The Events, Calendar, and Weather sections provide up to date information on everything that has to do with the everyday happenings of Kos Island. In closing we would like to point out that kosinfo.gr will continue searching for additional information to include in its pages which may be of use to the visitor and to the island’s residents. Our island which we love, now has its’ own website, created with care so that the entire world can get to know Kos Island like we do, as that island of majestic beauty, lying in the centre of the Dodecanese chain with its splendid sandy beaches, natural beauties and glorious past.
File:Kos Gymnasion 7.jpg
Ruins of the Ancient Gymnasium.
Things to do

Cafe / Snack Bars in Kos

Whether you like to relax, chill out, take a break or go out it doesn’t matter how you call it “a coffee break” in Kos has so many enchanting interpretations of the concept, finding a favourite chill out spot is hard to choose. Some Cafés open from early in the morning and others a little later on but they are all awaiting for you for quick coffee or a bite whether you are strolling in town or spending a lazy afternoon taking in the scenery at one of the beaches. As the sun goes down and you’re getting ready for your night out most Cafés turn into Café Bars offering those first few drinks that get the chit chat going before you hit the bars and clubs and let yourself go …just a little.

Dining in Kos Island

Kos will satisfy everyone’s taste in food. From the little picturesque restaurants with their traditional dishes, the tempting starter-dishes at the various ouzeri places to the taverns and fish taverns with their wonderful aromas that will definitely make you hungry, you will not know where to start from. Not forgetting the international cuisine restaurants, such as Italian with a wide variety of pasta and exotic pizza, sweet and sour Chinese, Indian and red hot Mexican. All these unforgettable gastronomical tastes are available for you not only in Kos Town but in the villages too.

Kos Island Nightlife

Kos truly has a unique nightlife. The young, the fashionable, the restless even the traditional quiet type are all drawn to the island’s nightlife. Beach bars offer the amazing combination of a beautiful sea front and cool drink for those in search of a more romantic evening and for those after an all-nighter Kos town has streets filled with bars and dance floors to have you spinning until the early morning. No matter where you find yourself in Kos you will have a memorable night to add to your holiday diary.

Shopping in Kos

File:Kos market Agora 1.jpg
market agora. 
Kos Island manages to successful combine a heritage of traditional products along with the latest technological advances. By taking a stroll through the picturesque streets of the Old Town one will quickly realize that there is a vast variety of products to choose from. So whether you’re looking for that bar of olive oil soap known for its natural value, or maybe a jar of locally produced honey, to the latest game console for the young ones, or just looking to spoil yourself with some jewelry pieces you will find everything and at reasonable prices.

Flights to/from Kos Island

If you want to travel to the island by plane there flights from Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, from Macedonia airport in Thessaloniki and during the high
season there are charter flights departing from many major cities of Europe to (and from) the National Airport of Kos Hippocrates. 
See the information below.
Athens Airport Eleftherios Venizelos Athens Airport: Tel. +30 210 353-0000
Thessaloniki Airport Macedonia: Tel. +30 2310 473-700 or +30 2310 473-312
International Airport of Kos Hippocrates: Tel. +30 22420 56000
Olympic Airways: Tel. +30 210 9666666
Aegean Airlines: Tel. +30 801 1120000

Boats to/from Kos Island

If you want to travel by boat to Kos Island you must know that you will enjoy one of the best trips through the Aegean islands. Daily routs are linking the port of Piraeus with Kos and from
Kos Island also is also connected by ferry boats with the Dodecanese Islands (Kos and Rhodes), the Islands of the Northeastern Aegean (Ikaria and Samos) and Turkey. For information on the routes of the Ferries for the period that you are visiting the island, see the information below.
Piraeus Port: Tel. +30 210 414-7800
Kos Island Port: Tel. +30 22420 26594-6
Blue Star Ferries: Tel. +30 22420 28914

The marina of Kos Island

Kos Marina is located one mile SE from Kos old harbour (Entrance: 36° 53' N 27° 18' E) and offers today 250 berths with Mooring lines, water supply, Electricity supply 220 & 380 V from 16 to 125 Amps, Telephone connection, Satellite TV. Kos Marina premises are patrolled 24 hours by guards. Cameras cover all over the complex Kos Marina. Fire Precaution. All piers are equipped with fire stations with fire extinguishers; alarm system; fire hoses with both fresh and seawater circuit. All piers are equipped with emergency stations comprising lifebuoys, lifelines, emergency telephones and rescue ladders. 

Also the Marina of Kos Island offers you Facilities & Services: Pilot speedboat, WC-showers, Trolleys, Parking Lot, Bilge pump out, Sewerage pump out, Waste oil disposal, Refuse containers, Fuel station. Administration Building with Reception, Authorities, Info picentre, Meeting room & Guests' Suites. Weather report, Internet, telephone and facsimile services are offered in the Marina's Info Centre, where meetings and events can be organized. Bank ATM, Baggage storage and Postal services are available. Shopping center with Kos Marina Panoramic ViewCafeteria-bistro, Restaurant, Super Market, Fruits Market, Laundry, Yachts Chandlers Shops, Safety Equipment, Souvenirs shops, Boutique, Rent a car, Yacht Brokers, Yachting & Travel Agencies. Technical Services: An extensive range of technical services (yacht paint & antifouling, mechanical-Electrical-Electronic repairs, yacht cleaning services, sail maker, etc.) is available upon request. Only approved technical service contractors are allowed to operate in KOS Marina.

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