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Τετάρτη, 16 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Kalymnos Beaches

kalymnos inner harbour

Therma beach is the closest beach to Pothia village since it’s only 2 km away. It’s a pebbly beach with rocks around. There is also a dock for diving because the water there is deep. There is also a restaurant with good food on the dock. At Therma beach you will find umbrellas and sun-beds.

Kantouni beach is 8.5km far from Pothia, located in the Panormou area just after the Olive Square. It’s a sandy beach popular to teenagers and young people. It has become a hang-out place for young people and the shops are open almost 24hours. There are beach bars to enjoy with your friends and if you want to spend the night there are rooms to rent. If you are looking for a quieter beach, Linaria beach is only a short distance from Kantouni. It is a sandy beach perfect for families.
There are several taverns where you and your family can have fresh fish and other seafood dishes.

Arginonta beach is located 16.5 kilometers from Pothia at the northwest side of Kalymnos. It has turquoise waters and pebbles, it’s very clean and there are many trees around. There are rooms to rent and umbrellas and sun beds are available.

Myrties beach is a pebbly beach 700m long and located 8 km from Pothia west of Kalymnos. The water is shallow and suitable for children. Just across you can see Telendos where daily boat trips take place. On the beach there are umbrellas and sun beds for rent and restaurants, cafeterias and rooms to rent.

9km. from Pothia is one of the most popular beaches of Kalymnos, Masouri beach. It is considered one of the best beaches of the island because it’s sandy, with clean crystal waters and a view to Telendos. It is very well organized with umbrellas, sun-beds, restaurants and taverns for young people and also families.

Emporiou beach is located in the northwest side of Kalimnos 19.5 kilometers away from Pothia. It is a pebbly beach with trees (Platanus trees) and many restaurants. Strong and calm winds of the area are ideal for many water sports such as windsurfing, kayak, water skiing, diving and fishing. At the top there is a highway leading to the western nightlife resorts of Kalymnos Island.

Vlichadia beach is located 5km from Pothia and has two beautiful separate beaches, one is pebbly and the other sandy but both have shallow waters suitable for kids. Both have plenty of trees for shade and there are also rooms to rent, taverns and café places. There is also a Diving Centre, providing diving lessons to all ages.


Telendos: the taverna-lined quayside

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