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Κυριακή, 6 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Ioannina Photo and place Zagorohoria, Metsovo

The city castle lives up the history, the traditions and the legends of many centuries. The walls surrounding the old city contain, two mosquesand many museum such as the BYZANTINE museum and the Museum of Arms. Complete your walk in the Castle with a coffee in Its – Kale enjoying the view of the lake and the island with the imposing view of Mitsikeli mountain or taste traditional sweets in one of the traditional old cafes of the old city or in a modern coffee shop by the lake front. After your tour in scenic streets of the castle you can enjoy your coffee in Its - Kale that constituted internal fortress of the castle in the past and relax looking at the magical view extends in front of you.

Hardly four kilometres from Ioannina in the northwest side of lake Pamvotis on Metsovo-Trikala road, the village of Perama is located. A fabulous world that exceeds your imagination can be seen there. The Cave of Perama was created 1.500.000 years ago in the interior of Gkoritsa hill, precisely above the village location. It is one of the most impressive caves of the world. During a 1500 metres walk 45 minutes duration you will discover a different world from stalactites and stalagmites that they charm the visitors. In the village of Perama you can buy traditional silver hand made crafts and jewels.

The Zagorohoria are one of the most famous regions of Ioannina Perfecture. They are consisted of 46 villages, scattered in the mountains northeast of Ioannina and they are a prefered destination for a lot of visitors.
Traditional with natural beauty and rare architecture the region charms visitors with its fantastic scenery.
When you visit Zagorohoria it's worthwhile to visit Vikos Gorge and enjoy the fantastic scenery and the beauty of nature, as well as to taste the local cuisine which is famous for its variety of tasty traditional pies.

Metsovo is one of the most scenic regions that everyone should visit. Magical landscape, with forest and parks that retains the traditional element of a Greek village. A visit to the Art gallery of Evangelos Averof that holds items which reveal the cultural heritage of region is a must. Among the artifacts there are sculptures of famous artists and a collection of Greek painters.

In winter season, the ski centre of Metsovo is the centre of attraction where fans of winter sports can demonstrate their skills in ski and snowboard as well as rent a snowmobile for a ride in order to discover the unspoiled mountain areas of Metsovo.

The Tzoumerka. A district that consists of impressive and traditional villages, which are encircled from mountains and gorges is what makes the region so special. The clean rivers, the stone bridges and the imposing churches and monasteries compose an idyllic scenery.

The Abbey of Kipinas is the most impressive monastery that exists in Epirus as it's built on the top of a rock and access to it is only by a suspended bridge.


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