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Παρασκευή, 18 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Elatochori Ski Resort

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In Macedonia and most specifically in the mountains of Pieria, the ski resort of Elatochori is located. The area of the resort is called "Papa Chorafi".  It is has a vertical drop of 400 meters starting from 1800 going down to 1410 meters. The resort operates from December to end of March and is capable to move around 1200 per hour.  It has 5 lifts with 9 slopes of total length of 12600 meters of different levels, for all kind of skiers, from amateur to expert. There is also a 500 meters slope for snowboarders. The price for an adult during weekends and  holidays is 10 euro while the working days is 8 euro. You can also buy a season pass for 100 euro. 

Useful  telephones:  +30 2351082994
Resort Email: info@elatohori-ski.gr
Resort Website: Elatochori Ski Resort

Ski Center
Tel.: +30 23510 82994
Fax: +30 23510 82993
E-mail: info@elatohori-ski.gr
URL: http://www.elatohori-ski.gr

Mountain: Pieria mountainsThe Elatochori Ski Center is located in the northeast side of Pieria Mountains, at the area Papa Chorafi.
Altitude: 1410 m - 1912 m
Slopes8 slopes of 12,250 km total length, out of which:
2 red:
Clio, 3050 m in length.
Urania, a new slope, 800 m in length.
2 blue:
Kalliopi, 930 m in length.
Terpsichori, 1320 m in length.
4 green:
Erato, 3500 m in length, suitable for beginners.
Polymnia, 2200 m in length, which is connected with Erato’s start point and they both are a unique of such length (5700 m) green slope in Greece.
Beginners 1, 250 m in length, right next to the Chalet.
Beginners 2, 200 m in length, which is used by ski learning schools and located right next to the new baby-lift, near to the start point of the aerial double seat lift.
1 snowboard slope.
Lifts5 lifts:
1 aerial double seat lift, 1287 m in length, with a capacity of 1200 persons/hour, which serves Clio & Erato slopes.
2 sliding lifts:
Apollon, 800 m in length, with a capacity of 650 persons/hour, which serves Kalliopi & Polymnia slopes.
Hermes, 800 m in length, which serves Urania, Terpsichori & Clio slopes and reaches at an altitude of 1912 m.
2 baby-lifts, 200 m in length each one, which serve beginners’ slopes.
Other facilities /services
A three level Chalet, which can host 400 persons. It’s located at the Ski Center base and has a restaurant & a snack bar on the ground floor and a coffee bar on the fist floor.
2 snow bars, one at the start point & one at the peak point of the aerial double seat lift.
2 ski learning schools.
3 ski’s equipment sale & rental shops.
Organized practice of first aid.
Parking lot.
Accessibility /Road networkStarting either from Athens or Thessaloniki, move through the national network on the Athens-Thessaloniki N.R. or vice versa, and when you reach Katerini, choose the path of the old National Road Katerini - Elassona. At the 13th km of that road you turn on the right if you come from Athens, or on the left, if you come from Thessaloniki. By following the road signs you reach the ski center in a few km.
Operation period
The ski center facilities operate from Decmber to March, daily from 9 a.m to 4.30 p.m.

Useful notes
Elatochori ski center is the younger Greek ski center, with great potential for expansion. The Alpine & Ski Club of Katerini has the responsibility of its operation, which began on trial during the winter period 2000-2001.

Facilities/services in the surrounding area
At Elatochori (a 8 km distance from the ski center) there are hotels, rooms to rent, traditional taverns and cafe-bars.
In a short distance from the ski center it’s worth to visit:

On the south side of Elatohori begins a trail that leads to a gorge of exceptional beauty and Ai Neri. There is a small chapel, where according to the tradition Agios Antonios become a hermit. The waterfalls from the roof of the cave have curative and therapeutic properties. Previously guests from the surrounding villages gathered here, in order to be treated particularly of skin diseases.
Ritini, small town, where are houses established at the late 19th century, with obvious architectural features of that period. A typical sample of that period building is the old elementary school of Ritini, with establishment sign of the year 1872. The building currently operates as the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Pieria.
The monastery of Agios Georgios Ritinis, an important post-Byzantine monument, with paintings of the 14th and 16th century. It is one of the oldest buildings of its type in Pieria and is typical sample of post-Byzantine iconography of the villages of Makedonia. The monastery was under the control of the bishop of Petra, and according to the tradition soldiers were hided here during Makedonian Wars. Today the monastery is not working and is maintained authentic the small Holy Church of Agios Georgios with frescoes, the external staircase that has been reconstructed, the atrium and some refurbished cells.

The Vria village: Vryaza of Briaza, is the old habitation of current Vria village and is located 4 km away from it, to a plateau at the foot of Pieria. There are still remnants of simple storey stone houses, similar to those of other mountain villages of Pieria. In the Agios Nikolas church, which was built in the 18th century, there are elements of traditional folk architecture and painting. At the church’s surroundings there is a recreation area.

The Kremastos, the unique waterfalls of Pieria. Through the smooth topography of the mountain suddenly a river flowing from above, hanging from nowhere, that’s why is named Kremastos (means hanging). Someone could enjoy the unique spectacle from far, from the landscaped area and the kiosk, which is nearby the Ritini-Sarakatsana regional road. The most daring of visitors and accompanying an experienced driver could approach to the waterfall, and even downhill the rocks.
The Sarakatsana Plateau, in an altitude of 1600 m, which can be reached by following two good scores with adequate labelling mountain paths starting with "Paliopanagia" and "Vlachopigado" of Ritini. Someone could also reach it by following the regional gravel led road of 17 km length, which starts from Ritini.
In Sarakatsana there is the shelter of Climbers Association of Katerini that operates on weekends or can be opened in consultation with the supervisor. The shelter has 70 beds, fully equipped kitchen, great room for relaxation and recreation room with fireplace.
Starting from the shelter of Climbers Association of Katerini someone could follow easy and difficult hiking trails in the surrounding peaks of Pieria. From the "Kourasma" area, the view to the side of Kozani, to the Aliakmonas Lake, from the barrier of Polyfyto, and to the bridge of Servia is unique.


Archaeological findings
Ancient quarry (chest)
Starting from Vria and after a difficult journey, traversing a mountain in every corner holds a surprise visitor arrives at the beginning of the path. 
It has already become an intervention in this part of the municipality with tagging and tiling of the original 30 measures with respect to the environment. Follows a path, which the environmental group recently Gymnasium Resin has cleared and put a special mark of the site. The path length of approximately 800 meters, resulting in a piece of mountain that consists only of marble, which is now forbidden to be used. There are huge carved marble rectangular and cylindrical, allegedly used for the construction of the Erechtheion on the Acropolis of Athens. The reasonable and unanswered question is how these huge stone blocks were transported down the ports. 
Despite efforts for economic exploitation of the quarry site was designated archaeological site and no commercial interference

Ancient Bathroom

In the area palioklissi the church of Agia Paraskevi is the (archaeological find) Ancient Bathroom is assumed that there is an ancient city and dates from the 3rd to 4th century AD In the early years of the Christian Byzantine Emperor Theodosius and Justinian.

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