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Τρίτη, 26 Ιουνίου 2012

Delphi “Navel of the Earth”

File:Athina Pronaia Sanctuary at Delphi.jpg

If you drop a ball of string from a peak of Mt Parnassos, it’ll cross forests, rocks, paths, ancient temples, country chapels, almond yards, olive groves and finally will follow the line that leads straight to the sea, to the Kressean Gulf.

File:Temple of Apollo at Delphi from below with ivy.JPG
A place that for centuries witnessed the willingness of the pilgrims to step on the holy soil of the “Navel of the Earth”, the Delphi Oracle, in order to hear the divine prophecy that would enlighten their future.

Nowdays, this string is still unfolding. Time has made friends with earth and they both decided that beauty should never leave nature alone.

But nature doesn’t feel lonely at all. She has been embraced by history, and together they spend their time narrating tales of the past to every voyager who crosses their land.That’s why we always follow this string on its beautiful road and always ask our senses to memorize the way that will innervate our mind


Welcome to “The Navel of the World”, to Delphi. One of the most important tourist destinations in the world which every year attracts more than 2.000.000 visitors. An historic place which has been announced by UNESCO as a place of Worldwide Cultural Heritage.
Delphic history dates back to the 14th century B.C. and Delphi area has been acknowledged as a place of remarkable positive energy, which in the lapse of times has given the opportunity for the initiation of big and important events. A characteristic example of this is that of the prophesy of theDelphi Oracle and its priestess Pythia, which led to the initiation of the Olympic Games. Delphi, home of the sanctuary of god Apollo extends over successive terraces on the lower slopes of Mt Parnassos, in a stunning location surrounded by towering crags, the Phaedrades Rocks, and with the gulf of Itea as its backdrop. The Archaeological Museum holds masterpieces of worldwide splendour. The famous bronze statue of “The Charioteer of Delphi”, the “Sphinx of the Naxians”, the archaic Kouroi “Kleovis and Biton”, found in the remains of Delphi, are dominant and represent art on its best.

File:Ancient athletics stadium at Delphi.JPG
Delphi is one of the most essential poles for the promotion of classical and contemporary civilization. Here is also based the European Cultural Center of Delphi, which hosts every year important theatrical, musical and art productions along with many interesting meetings of world range. Delphi is a place of incomparable natural beauty, which due to its grace has been characterized as protected “Delphic Site”. Together with the settlement of Chrisso, they are the twin traditional urban cells, which make up the Municipality of Delphi. The area, also, involves the greatest part of the National Woods of Parnassos, a virgin wood complex, which is protected as national heritage and is one of the best places for recreation, exercise and relaxation.Delphi is characterized by its marvelous Mediterranean climate. It is a micro- climate, which contributes to making the area of Delphi known as the second area in Greece, which has a high total sunshine day range and a low percentage of humidity. This is a climate ideal for any activity, winter or summer. The fact that Delphi is 15 min away form the sea to the South, and 20 min away form the Parnassos ski resort to the North, highlights the ideal natural position of the site.Delphi is a modern tourist resort characterized by its perfect network of top quality hospitality. There are 50 units of hospitality which cover the whole range (LUX hotels to Camping sites) and can fulfill any exclusive need of worldwide range. Additionally, the infrastructure in modern and traditional restaurants and entertainment places makes Delphi one of the most appealing hospitality destinations in Greece.
File:Santuario de Apolo Pitio.gif

File:Treasury of Athens at Delphi.jpg
File:Delphi tholos cazzul.JPG
File:EHGritaly 120305-09 (Theater of Delphi 1).JPG

Delphi has been recorded as the essential geographical core of love for nature, alternative exercise, touring and exploration. It’s a place of natural beauty with abundant flora and fauna, which has attracted worldwide interest for discovery and recording. The big European path E4 (Delphi-Spain) and 5 more local paths, ancient and modern, attract every year the devoted fans of nature for the big joy of trekking and perambulation to a varying degree of difficulty and satisfaction. Actually, the National Woods of Mt Parnassos are one of the most ideal locations for the Nordic exercise and definitely the ideal spot for mountain biking and off road running and training. Naturally, the winter sport fans, have the chance to enjoy every snow action on the biggest Snow Center of Greece, Mt Parnassos. The geological beauty of the Delphic area provides great moments of discovery to the speleologists because of the many beautiful caves spread around Delphi. Rock Climbing and Parapente flights, in accordance with the area climate status, have found an ideal place to demonstrate every alternative expression. Cycling is traditionally one of the sports that Delphi has nested for a number of years now, presenting some of the best competition and training circuits. In accordance with the plethora of therapeutical springs and spas of the Central Greece region –at a distance of about 1:30hrs drive- an ideal opportunity is given for recreation, therapy and even for a recovery of the body / physical condition. Do not also hesitate to make use of the Delphi Athletix Center; from a relaxing jogging to a tennis match point.

Delphi appears dominant on an altitude of 600 meters above the traditional olive grove of Amfissa. This is an over perennial and lush olive grove which has turned the area into the most important centre for the production of olives, olive oil as well as of by products of the sacred olive tree, which has gained worldwide reputation.

Delphi is an ideal place for holding conferences of a small to medium scale, due to not only the European Centre of Delphi, but as well to the accommodation facilities of the town. All this is found in a perfect environment, which guarantees the prerequisites for success and effectiveness.

Delphi can be the starting point for activities of religion discovery tourism. Located in an area where worship has offered some of its magnificent roofs, discovery of this creation is really important not only from the point of view of worship but also for reasons of interest in history, architecture and art.

Delphi is proud of its brotherhood amphictiony with the cities of Teotiouaqan of Mexico and Tonga of Japan. We also participate in a strong cooperation net with cities throughout the country and the World; from Ancient Olympia to Oklahoma and from Versailles to China.

Access to Delphi is easy. The city is a 2 hours drive form the capital of Greece, Athens. Regular bus and train services also provide easy and comfortable access all year round. Access from the Port of Patras is by car or bus on a beautiful 2 hours of transfer. Thessaloniki, the capital of Northern Greece, is a 4:30 hours drive from Delphi with alternative connection achieved by bus or train.

The “Navel of the World” nowadays coexists with one of the most breathtaking archaeological sites in Greece, which is distinguished as one of the most significant “Sacred Places” of World Civilization.

The Museum
The museum at Delphi is near the entrance to the sanctuary of Apollo and has thousands of exhibits found at Delphi including the Navel stone.

Archaeological research has shown that the area of Delphi was inhabited at least from the Mycenaean period (14th – 1 lth c. BC). The deity worshipped here in those times was Gaia or Ge. Myth has it that she dwelt in a cavern guarded by her serpentiform son, Python, and pronounced oracles for devotees. The place was thus named Pytho. When the god Apollo arrived from Delos he slew Python, after which he abandoned the area in search of purification. He returned later, expiated and crowned with a wreath, to establish his cult and the place then renamed Delphi. Apollo took the prosonym “Pythios” and henceforth the oracle belonged to him.

The sacred place was arranged during the 8th and 7th c. BC. Towards the end of the 7th c. BC the first stone temples were built, one dedicated to Apollo and the other to the goddess Athena. Delphi belonged politically to the Phocian city of Krissa – the present village Chrisso.

File:Delphi stadium DSC06305.jpg

In the early 6thth and 4th c. BC the sanctuary enjoyed a great heyday and was adorned with handsome edifices and numerous ex-votos dedicated to Apollo bu cities and individuals. c.BC the Amphictiony was founded, a union of citystates with common political aims.
Its seat was transferred to Delphi, essentially inaugurating the history of the city. In time the Delphic Amphictiony acquired decisive responsibilities in the administration of the sanctuary.

In 582 BC it organized the Pythian Games, which were held every four years in honour of Apollo and in remembrance of his victory over Python. In 548 BC the temple of Apollo was destroyed by fire and building of a new one commenced with contributions from various greek cities. Between the 6

Several sacred wars affected the operation of the oracle, since Phocians, Locrians, Athenians and others coveted its wealth and interfered in its independence. Both the war against Krissa (600-590 BC) and that waged to relieve Delphi of the sovereignity of the Phocians were called sacred wars (First and Second).

In 356 BC the Third Sacred War was declared, which lasted 10 years and ended in the domination of the Phocians. They were vanquished later by Philip II of Macedon, who assumed the leadership of the Amphictiony. In 339-338 BC the Fouth Sacred War provided Philip with the pretext for invading southern Greece, which he finally conquered in the battle of Chaironeia.

From 191 BC the Romans were in power. In 86 BC the sanctuary was sacked by General Sulla. The Emperor Nero participated in the Pythian Games and transferred 500 statues from Delphi to Rome, to grace his capital.

In the 2nd c. AD Hadrian made gifts intended to boost the sanctuary’s finances, but efforts to regain its former glory were to no avail. The oracle that the Pythia pronounced to the Byzantine Emperor Julian the Apostate (AD 361-363) confirms the fact that Christianity had prevailed and ousted paganism: Tell ye the king: The carven hall id fallen in decay. Phoebus hath no chapel left, no prophesying bay, no prating spring. The steam is dry.

In AD 392 Emperor Theodosius banned the practice of ancient cult and the oracle was forced to close. Delphi is mentioned as an inhabited area, however, until the 6th century.


Situated between Delphi and Itea in a beautiful setting with brooks, old plane trees and an unhindered view of the Gulf of Itea and the olive grove of Amphissa.

A short distance to the south archaeologists have uncovered traces of ancient Krissa, the powerful Phocian city that was master of the oracle at Delphi. There is evidence of habitation since prehistoric times.

Krissa was named out of Krissos,Phocos’ son from Aegina, who decided to stay here at Fokitha.

Krissa took part at the Troyan war with a big amount of ships- fact that shows the real power of the city at that historic moment

The ancient Pythian racecourse was situated right here at Chrisso.

The horse race games used to takes place here and as a result Krissa became a great social, cultural and political center.

Krissa was then a powerful city. Fights between Delphi, Krissa and Kirra led Krissa to its end.    


Can be colder than other parts of Greece because it is located in a mountainous region. You will see some snowfalls during this period. Dry enough for winter statistics. Lowest temperatures for this season start at 3-5C with the highest ones climbing up to 17-20C.

Spring: Mild days and nights with rather dry characteristics. Just a few colder days during this season. Lowest temperatures start at 12-15C climbing up to 22-25C.

Extra dry season. Lack of humidity gives atmosphere a rather pleasant feeling. Cool breezes from the Mountain give nights a nice sensation during hot periods. Lowest temperatures for this season start at 24-26C climbing up to 33-35C.

Autumn: Mild weather in general with some hot days and the appearance of the first rain. Pleasant weather and a smooth introduction to winter. Lowest temperatures for this season start at 15-17C climbing up to 26-28C.


Since you decided to visit Greece, traveling to Delphi is easy. We offer you all point to point access to the transportation means in order to prepare your visit to Delphi. Please, do not hesitate to take all necessary information prior to your travel.

Athens International Airport

Proastiakos rail : Airport-Athens

Athens Metro

Airport Access by BUS

BUS No X93 : Direct transfer form airport to national KTEL bus hub in order to take the direct bus to Delphi.(ST.YPERA/KON LEOF.LIOSION)

Port of Peraeus

Port of Patras

Hellenic Railways

National Greek Tourism Organization

LINKS to use

City of Delphi
Archaeological Museum Of Delphi
European Cultural Center of Delphi
Athens School of Fine Arts / Annexes / Delphi
Delphi, UNESCO’s World Heritage Place
Fokida Prefecture
Hellenic Ministry of Culture / Museums
Hellenic Tourist Police
City of Athens
City of Patras
European Citizens
Snowreport Greece
Blue Flags 

Philoxenia Hotel

PHILOXENIA  Delphi has an astonishing variety of hospitality infrastructure that can satisfy every individual or group need. Here, we provide you all the necessary details so as to proceed with your search at the most convenient and easy way possible.

Hotels, Apartments and Camping facilities are all presented to you in special categories with all useful data. Please do not hesitate to contact –directly- every preferable location.

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